About カラスは真っ白

About カラスは真っ白

Karasu wa Masshiro (カラスは真っ白; lit. "White Crow") or A crow is white is a Japanese indie "funky pop" band. The band formed in May 2010 in Sapporo by Kana Yaginuma (vocal/guitar), Kōhei Shimizu (guitar/MC), Jun "Groovy" Yoshiyama (bass) and Taihei (drums).

They released their self-produced debut (demo) EP titled Hato Poppo (はとぽっぽ) on November 11, 2010, which followed by a single ("High-speed Muteppō", ハイスピード無鉄砲) and a full lenght album (Karasu wa Masshiro Read more on Last.fm


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